What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like?

It’s tough to diagnose hail damage without getting up on your roof and looking for the classic pockmarks (usually on the edges of your shingles, where the shingles are most vulnerable.) You’ll find the pockmarks are usually spread apart and occur in random spots on the house. They may be concentrated in one part of your roof (where the hail storm hit hardest). construction companies in charlotte nc

Signs of Roof Hail Damage

Even if you can’t get up on your roof, you will want to suspect hail damage if you see any of the following:

* Mineral granules collecting in your gutters

* Mineral granules appearing on the ground around your home

* Tiny pieces of your shingles found around your home

There’s really no replacement for getting someone up on your roof. Hail damage is often too subtle for people to see from the ground.

That’s Why We Offer Free Roof Inspections For Roof Hail Damage Assessment

Our free roof inspections are:

* Cost free

* Come with an explanation of how insurance companies work with Charlotte roofers to deal with storm damage claims

* Completed by a Charlotte roof repair expert who knows how to assess roofs

How Did My Roof Get Hail Damage When I Don’t Remember a Storm?

Even if you don’t remember a hail storm, you may still have storm damage to your roof. It’s very common for these storms to inflict a lot of roof damage in short period of time. Hail damage can occur while you’re sleeping, away from home or even while you are awake and home, but when you are occupied and therefore unaware of the hail storm.

What are the Chances of Insurance Covering Hail Damage to Roof?

If you’ve got hail damage, your insurance company will probably cover the roof repair. If the repair will make your roof look uneven, your insurance company will probably even cover a whole roof replacement. We have a great reputation with insurance companies, so we’ll figure out the best deal for you.

Contact us or call us at (704) to schedule a free roof inspection and hail damage assessment today.

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